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Drunken Boxing FTW.

Drunken Master 2 is perhaps the best of the best when it comes to kung fu movies.
 Great action, hilarious  lip syncing, and most importantly little to no story. It gets right to the good stuff. And you don't really need to see the first one either. This is Jackie Chan at his finest, all real stunts, no wires. Pure Kung Fu Awesomeness. Also there is a town of Ninjas. An entire town filled with them.


The Movie That Made the Bond

To coincide with Daniel Craig's most recent release, I'd like to recommend an often overlooked feature of his called "Layer Cake". This is the movie that I feel really showed that he was ready for the Bond role. A middle man of the drug trade gets mixed up in some crazy shit, as they are prone to do, and Craig finds his way through the craziness. Almost. Watch it.


Spoiler Alert: Batman Dies.

And I for one pray to god it's true. I could pretend I came up with it, but it was Cracked (read the article). As a huge Batman fan who was appalled when DC killed off Bruce Wayne (admittedly only temporarily, and then they did a huge reset that erased it anyway), I can't believe I'm rooting for this one, as in, "I want this to happen. REALLY BAD!" That's why this poster is so awesome.
As if it wasn't enough that Nolan had the balls to kill Bruce Wayne, one of the greatest, most storied characters of the modern era, and one of only a few alter egos in the DC universe who hasn't died over the years ("Who the f@$% is 'Dick Grayson?'" "LA LA LA LA CAN'T HEAR YOU LA LA LA LA!"), but he also has the balls to brag about it before its even released. And you know what? If it all turns out to be true, it's still gonna blow my freaking mind. It's gotten to the point that if he doesn't kill Bruce, I might be disappointed with the new outing.

So, Here's to the death of Bruce, and to the rise of Batman!

All I Want For Christmas...

Is [a] BATMAN [snuggie]!!!


Just one of the many reasons I love this guy.
If you haven't taken my advice yet, I hope this persuades you to check out "Freaks and Geeks."



Todays pick shouldn't consume too much of your time. It's just another excellent TV show cut down before its prime. Terriers follow Hank (Donal Logue), an ex-cop and ex-drunk, and his criminal turned partner/friend Britt (Michael Raymond-James), as two scrappy PI's (hence the title). 
"When Hanks old friend is found dead he vows to solve the crime, and in the process uncovers a conspiracy that threatens the whole town."-the most clichéd sentence ever penned er... typed.

What the show lacks in length it makes up for in pure excellence. It was easily the best new show of the season and one of if not the best shows on at the time (bear in mind that was only on from september to december of 2010, and things like Breaking Bad [aka THE BEST] and Mad Men aired at different times of the year.) Despite how great it was, a flawed ad campaign caused extrememly low ratings (can't fault FX for cancelling it bad) that didn't improve and the series ended after 13 episodes, but boy are they great.
It just arrived on Netflix, and for those of you looking to wade through the b-list material, make sure to check it out.


Louie. Louie.

Louie. Just watch it. FX. It's so good it's got this cat clapping with 1 paw. TWICE.
What more do you want from me?
In all seriousness though this show is great, and just one in the growing list of awesome FX pick ups.
Louis CK stars as himself (his standup is pretty great too), in his depressing vision of the world. It's really the little things that make this show great. Like Ducklings.
One adorable Duckling.


B-Movie Double Feature.

Today's picks are two of my favorite B-Movies of all time. The first is the Warriors.
Stranded all the way across New York city from their turf, the indian themed "Warriors" have to battle their way back to Coney Island, coming across dozens of ridiculous gangs, such as my personal favorite "The Orphans" who have it out for them (the reasons for which I won't spoil here). CAN YOU DIG IT? (will make more sense later...)

The second is a movie from Spider-Man director Sam Raimi (don't worry he didn't do the 3rd one) starring B-star Bruce Campbell, as Ash, fighter of, "The Evil Dead" a kitschy zombie movie. It and it's sequel are awesome. Need proof? He attaches a chainsaw to his arm to better destroy the evil that lurks in the woods
Oh Yeah.


Finally new stuff. CONES.

The first post in quite a while is a piece on the trailer craze. It's awesome, and ridiculous, but mostly awesome. An outdoor food court, usually good food, and quite a few cuisine choices equal a happy eater.
Recommendation 1- Mighty Cone, on the 1600 block of S. Congress. The cones are a bit ridiculous (I would prefer a better food transporter like say a plate or just a regular wrap). Homemade batter, deliciously fried chicken and [scream] avocado. Then add coleslaw and special sauce (standard special sauce fare). Its all a bit rich when it comes together as a buddy pointed out, but thats what you get when a four star restaurant makes a grease truck. OH YEAH; the place is owned by renowned restaurant "Hudson's on the Bend," if you needed a little more credibility.

photo courtesy of the boss-man
Sorry if the picture throws you off.

posts will hopefully become more regular, so if you like what you see check back for more soon.